Poster Contest

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Chibi Chibi Con is proud to have posters made every year by local artists! Here’s the info you’ll need about this year’s contest. Make sure to read everything before submitting your design!

The first place contest winner will receive:

  • A 6-foot table space in the Artist Alley at Chibi Chibi Con 2019
  • A bundle of Chibi Chibi Con merch
  • Several prints of their poster

NEW! The second and third place winners will receive:

Prizes can be redeemed only at Chibi Chibi Con 2019. The winner does not need to attend CCC in order to win, and if they so choose can forfeit the prizes. Forfeited prizes will be passed to the next place.

File formatting and submission guidelines:

  1. Submissions are open until January 5th, 2019, 11:59 PM.
  2. Submission must be a full poster, 11 by 17 inches, at least 300 dpi.
  3. NEW! Export your full poster (a file with your 11 by 17 inches poster) and mascot (a file with just the mascot and a transparent background) as PNGs, at least 300dpi.
  4. Submit your working file (psd, indd, sai, etc). This is essential! We may need to make small changes to your poster should you win.
  5. NEW! Please name your files accordingly: fullname_poster.png, fullname_mascot.png, and fullname_poster.psd/indd/sai/etc (example: jemdoe_poster.png – you may use whatever name you wish to be credited by)
  6. Digital file submissions only, submitted here. If you’ve already submitted your 2019 poster via email and got a confirmation email, you are in the running–no need to resubmit.
  7. NEW! Along with your submission, please include the name by which and a website or link with which you prefer to be credited. Collaborations are great–just make sure to supply credits for all participants or for your studio when you submit your work, and decide together how you will split the prizes should you win.
  8. Resubmitting a poster you’ve sent in for a previous contest is fine as long as it hasn’t been posted online.

Submit your work here.

Poster content guidelines:

  • Pink/red/green color scheme is encouraged–not a hard and fast rule, though! Blues go nicely with this, too.
    You can use our internal color guide as a starting place, if you wish:
    chibi chibi con color scheme rebranding 2019
  • Gear motifs encouraged
  • Location (The Evergreen State College)
  • A place for the date (FEB XX 20XX)
  • Time (Noon to 11pm)
  • “Admission is free”
  • List of what is offered during the convention (artist alley, panels, maid cafe, dance, cosplay contest, lipsync contest, etc).
  • Website (eg: “Learn more at” PLEASE NOTE it’s .com now!)
  • A space for our logo
  • “Sponsored by The GReener Anime Society”
  • All art (from line art to colors) must be original–no tracing, copying, or stolen art permitted. Original designs only–don’t go putting the mascot character in Naruto’s clothes, please!
  • Keep in mind this is an all ages event on public property; all designs must be appropriate.
  • Optional: an unobtrusive signature

Mascot guidelines:

We suggest looking at past poster winners to take inspiration for your mascot design! We have dubbed our ever-shifting mascot Chibi-chan, and encourage you to take part in her evolution. The first incarnation of CCC’s mascot character was a red-haired girl with a bob haircut, in a crop top and plaid skirt, with robotic limbs. Somewhere along the way she gained cat ears and a tail! She also picked up a green squirrel companion, but the squirrel is not required by any means.  

How you choose to interpret Chibi-chan is up to you! Here are some attributes to keep in mind:

  • Pink hair
  • Robotic limbs
  • Cat ears and tail

That being said, make a design that you feel represents Chibi Chibi Con!

PLEASE NOTE: Winning designs will be printed and used by GRAS (GReener Anime Society, the student group that coordinates Chibi Chibi Con) to advertise and fundraise for GRAS and Chibi Chibi Con. Submissions will be printed and used by GRAS as advertising, including but not limited to: posters, flyers, handbills, and internet ads. We may use your art on our social media accounts, in emails, on merchandise, and on promotional items. Parts of submissions may be omitted or edited. We may use winning designs to make merch, including but not limited to buttons, stickers, prints, and t-shirts. Your work will always be credited. By submitting a poster design you acknowledge that if your submission is selected you give GRAS license to edit, print, sell, and otherwise distribute the winning design and derivative versions in perpetuity.


What can I do with my design?

Regardless of whether you win, you may:

  • Sell your poster design as a full sized, branded print at CCC or elsewhere
  • Share your design online

In the past we’ve required designs to be kept under wraps until a winner is announced; we no longer require this.

You may not:

  • Sell your design in any form other than full sized prints (11″x17″), or sell full prints “unbranded” (without “chibi chibi con” text on them). Forms other than full sized prints include small merch like stickers, buttons, or keychains. Your design is based on our mascot, Chibi-chan, and unauthorized merch of her cuts into our merch profits, one of the ways CCC raises money.


How is the winner selected?

Submissions are stripped of all identifying information and put to vote at a GRAS club meeting.