Panel Applications

Panel submissions are officially closed! Thank you for your interest in being a part of Chibi Chibi Con’s panels this year!

Panels for CCC 2018:

Introduction to Itabags: Join Itabagcentral’s moderators, Katie and Mella, to learn about itabags and some of the basics that go along with them! We’ll teach you where to get base bags, reliable sites for merch, how to do layouts, and how to really put the “itai” in itabag! Starts at 12:00pm located in SEM II C2107.

Black Butler Chaos: Come and visit the Black Butler Panel~! There will be games like Truth Or Dare and Q&A! It is a PG-13 panel. Enjoy the new year with Ciel and Alois as they bicker among themselves and interact with among the audience! Starts at 12:00pm located in SEM II E1105.

So You Want To Be A Hero? MHA Panel: Come join some students from UA High School’s Class 1-A for some fun mini-games and challenges to help you on your way to become heroes! Starts at 1:30pm located in SEM II C2107.

The Basics of Art: Ever wanted to know how to start doing art? Want to relax and talk while drawing and discussing games, cartoons and anime? This is the panel for you! It’s an open discussion while learning the basics of drawing, from anatomy to finding your art style! Starts at 2:00pm located in SEM II E1105.

A Brief History and the Theory of Fanfiction: Have you ever wondered how fanfiction came about? Why we read and write the fanwork we do? Join Lindsay and Julie in an informative & fun panel discussing the history and theory behind this popular fandom topic! Starts at 3:00pm located in SEM II C2107.

MAJIMA EVERYWHERE! Yakuza-0 Panel: Planning a trip to the Kamurocho district of Japan? Are you the fourth chairman of the Tojo clan? Does your name happen to be Kazuma Kiryu? This is the panel for you! Learn all the tips, tricks, techniques, and secrets to dealing with being stalked everyday by the Mad Dog of Shimano, Majima Goro! Learn to deal with his changing fighting styles, his slick fashion sense, and his killer moves on the dance floor! Starts at 4:30pm located in SEM II E1105.

21 Chibi Questions: Come down and play 21 Chibi Questions with us. 21 Chibi Questions is a trivia game where you get 21 yes/no questions to try and guess the anime answer. Participants may win candy and snacks. Starts at 6:00pm located in SEM II E1105.

Battle of The Fandoms!: Battle of the Fandoms is an audience participation panel made up of 6 teams that go head to head in a series of mini games to be crowned top fandom! Join us in this Olympic like panel and pick a team! Fight and cheer on your favorite fandoms to victory!! Starts at 4:30pm located in SEM II C2107.

Whose Anime Is It Anyways?: When the television game show of “Who’s Line Is It Anyways?” and the world of anime meet, hilarity ensues! Bring your thinking cap and come have a good laugh with us. Starts at 7:00pm located in SEM II E1105.

Anime Jeopardy: Want to test your Anime and Nerd knowledge? Play a team game of Jeopardy or just come enjoy the fun! Panel will be PG-13, but all ages are welcome. Starts at 7:30pm located in SEM II C2107.

Meta-Otaku Ontologies: This panel investigates the history and development of postmodern otaku culture. We will be looking into self-referential examples of the culture in anime and manga, characteristics and consequences of prevalent simulacrum within otaku culture, and the actualization of fictional narratives. Many of the elements explored are borrowed from Hiroki Azuma’s book “Otaku: Japan’s Database Animals”. Discussion is encouraged! Starts at 9:00pm located in SEM II E1105.

LGBTQ+ in Anime: In recent years, there has been a massive influx of LGBTQ+ representation in Japanese Media, especially anime and video games. But do you know the history of queer media in Japan? Or maybe you can’t think of many examples of representation–no problem! We’ll discuss the past, present, and hopeful future of LGBTQ+ people in Japan, both real and fictional. Starts at 9:00pm located in SEM II C2107.

Murder Mystery Game: There’s been some sinister happenings in the world of fandom, moreso than usual! Characters from different universes are pushing daisies one after the other, and it all seems to be connected. Will you solve the mystery? Or will you succumb and become one of the hunted…or the hunter? Starts at 10:30pm located in SEM II E1105.

Werewolf Game: A normal night in the village, peaceful and safe. Until there’s a sudden death! Now it’s up to all of us to figure out who’s the werewolf amongst us all! Join us in a game of Werewolf to uncover the secrets of this chilling panel game. Starts at 11:00pm located in SEM II C2107.

Please note:

  • If you need it, you must bring your own computer to the event.  We cannot rent any computers for your use.
  • You must show up to your panel at least 10 minutes before it’s scheduled so you may set up for your event.
  • You cannot have your panel run longer than what you requested.  This is to make sure the next panelists have time to set up and start.
  • Please contact about any other questions!

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