Maid & Butler Café Application

Maid Cafe applications are currently closed, but if you are interested in working with us in future events, feel free to contact us at or message our Facebook page.


  • We have a strict dress code: Outfits must be formal black & white, they may have a red accents, and no heels over 2″ are allowed. Maids/butlers will be doing a lot of walking, so wearing something comfortable in important. Those volunteering will expected to be there for the whole duration of the cafe.
  • Maids/butlers are REQUIRED to make it to least one Maid Cafe practice before the day of at The Evergreen State College, details on when practices are TBA.
  • Applying for Maid Cafe will not guarantee acceptance, there is priority in those who have a service background and/or have worked in maid cafes before as this is a very work-intensive volunteer job. We hope you understand and we thank you for your interest!

For more information, feel free to email us at