Former and Current staff

[picture from Chibi Lite 2018, of Gerri (left) and Helena (right)]

Current coordinators: 

Tony T. (2020-): She/her or they/them pronouns, coordinator in training for CCC 2019, Joined GRAS Fall of 2018! My responsibilities for CCC 2020 will include social media manager and updating the website. My favorite part of CCC is getting to meet more anime nerds, talking to artists, and learning more about other conventions. My favorite anime is Death Note.

Passwurd (2020-): He/him pronouns, coordinator in training for CCC 2019. Ran the AMV contest for CCC 2019. Long time attendee of CCC!

Chibi Cafe lead: Jacob (2020-) Jacob uses they/them pronouns, and you may remember them as our tea expert from our very successful Chibi Cafe 2019!

Past coordinators

Gerri DeSouza(2017-2019)

Helena “Hel” Abernathy (2017-2019)


Vincent Small (2016-2017)

Morganne Betchy (2016-2017)


Gabby Pilgrim (2014-2016)

Shannon Darling (2014-2016)

Schylar Matt Ebarb (2014-2015)


Taylor Nixon (2013-2014)

Julia Soo (2012-2014)

Ren Laskey (2011-2013)


Sara Caldwell (2009-2011)

Jonah Cummings (2008-2011)

Bryan Lopez (2009-2010)

Kent Reister (2008-2010)


Shen Travis-Wirwahn (created Chibi-Chan) (2006-2008)

Tyler Egashira (2007-2008)

Diana Garnett (2007-2008)


Moses Kaber (2005-2006)

Amanda Davies (2005-2006)


Mike Luttmer (2004-2005)

Kelly (2004-2005)

Dru Swaim (2004-2005)


Moses Kaber (2003-2004)

Joe Lott (2003-2004)


Megan E Connolly (2001-2002)


First year of Chibi Chibi Con

Ken Koontz (2000-2001)

Starla Robinson (2000-2001)


Name changed to Giant Robot Appreciation Society

Mikel Reparaz

Geoffrey Quick


1993 Club founded as “Evergreen Students for Anime”

Gregor Menasian

Graham Watt

Andrea Green


Club advisor 19XX-20XX: Harumi Moruzzi


Event leads

Amanda [Chibi Cafe lead] (2014-2019)