Former and Current staff

[picture from Chibi Lite 2018, of Gerri (left) and Helena (right)]

Current coordinators:

Nat “passwurd” (2020-)

Tony T. (2020-): She/her or they/them pronouns, coordinator in training for CCC 2019. I run the instagram and the website. I’m a full time student, majoring in natural science. I also have a job or two at The Evergreen State College! My favorite anime is Death Note. (^з^)-☆

Past coordinators

Gerri DeSouza(2017-2019)

Helena “Hel” Abernathy (2017-2019)


Vincent Small (2016-2017)

Morganne Betchy (2016-2017)


Gabby Pilgrim (2014-2016)

Shannon Darling (2014-2016)

Schylar Matt Ebarb (2014-2015)


Taylor Nixon (2013-2014)

Julia Soo (2012-2014)

Ren Laskey (2011-2013)


Jonah Cummings (2009-2012)

Sara Caldwell (2009-2011)

Bryan Lopez (2009-2010)

Kent Reister (2008-2010)


Shen Travis-Wirwahn (created Chibi-Chan) (2006-2008)

Tyler Egashira (2007-2008)

Diana Garnett (2007-2008)


Moses Kaber (2005-2006)

Amanda Davies (2005-2006)


Mike Luttmer (2004-2005)

Kelly (2004-2005)

Dru Swaim (2004-2005)


Moses Kaber (2003-2004)

Joe Lott (2003-2004)


Megan E Connolly (2001-2002)


First year of Chibi Chibi Con

Ken Koontz (2000-2001)

Starla Robinson (2000-2001)


Name changed to Giant Robot Appreciation Society

Mikel Reparaz

Geoffrey Quick


1993 Club founded as “Evergreen Students for Anime”

Gregor Menasian

Graham Watt

Andrea Green


Club advisor 19XX-20XX: Harumi Moruzzi


Chibi Cafe leads

Amanda [Chibi Cafe lead] (2014-2019)

Bishop [Chibi Cafe lead] (2017-2019)