Chibi Lite 2016

CHIBI LITE 2016 WAS A SUCCESS! Thank you all so much for helping us fund raise for Chibi Chibi Con 2017. There are plenty of things we want to improve on, and if you have something to add please let us know by emailing us at

We’re happy to announce Chibi Lite 2016! This fundraising event for Chibi Chibi Con, and will run from 12:00 pm until 10:00 pm at the Evergreen State College on Saturday, May 21st.

Unlike Chibi Chibi Con, Chibi Lite’s focus is on fundraising for 2017’s Chibi Chibi Con. While this is a free event, we ask that you come with a donation to help us raise enough money to make CCC self sufficient.

This event will be located in the Evergreen State College’s Longhouse. Maps of the campus and surrounding area will be at the end of this page!

Programming Includes:

  • Maid Cafe: Quality snacks served by quality maids. $5 entry fee.
  • Artist Alley: local artwork by local artists.
  • Silent Auction: Bidding on various bits of anime paraphernalia.
  • Panel Room: 7 hours of fan-run games and discussion.
  • a Screening of Hideaki Anno’s “End of Evangelion.” $5 suggested donation.
    This will be a “dive in” showing at Evergreen State College’s recreational pool.
Full Schedule of the event found HERE.
Facebook Event Page found HERE.
Artist Alley applications are closed.
Panel applications are closed.
Volunteer applications are OPEN.