Cutout portfolio submission guidelines

We’re looking to commission an artist to draw a life sized, print quality Miki Kuroda from Devilman Crybaby (Chibi Chibi Con 2018’s Anime Fave contest winner) for CCC 2019’s cutout! Each year we get a life sized cutout of our attendees’ Anime Fave printed, and this year we’d like to commission one. Scroll to the bottom of this page for examples.

Send us your portfolio if you meet the following criteria (or send this page to a friend if they do):

  • Reliable communicator who replies to emails within 3 days and meets deadlines
  • Artist who has experience with large, print quality pieces (like dakimakuras)
  • Comfortable with 8 week turnaround

Please note that our budget is limited and we may not be able to consider artists who would charge much over $100 for this project. If you would charge a good bit more than this we appreciate your interest (and of course you can still submit your portfolio if you wish), but your time may be better invested elsewhere.

Send us an email at, subject line “CUTOUT PORTFOLIO”, containing the following information:

  • A link to your portfolio
  • A description of your experience with large, print quality pieces. Links to some previous large works are optimal!
  • Your desired pay for this project (your hourly rate x hours this piece will take)

An artist will be chosen by GRAS members via club vote and contacted via email before May 18th. Those who have submitted portfolios but have not been selected can expect courtesy emails.

This art is paid for with the proceeds from our Anime Fave contest. It will be printed as a life size cutout as we have done in previous years (see the Anime Fave 2017 winners below) and sold via silent auction at CCC 2019 (that’s a new development!). We are looking to commission the art for this purpose and to pass on personal use rights (and a digital file in addition to the physical cutout) to the auction winner.