Code of Conduct and Convention Rules

Attendees of Chibi Chibi Con are invited guests of The Evergreen State College. It is our obligation to ensure that our behavior is not disruptive to the learning or social environment of the college, so that we can continue having this event each year! The following rules of conduct must be followed by all Chibi Chibi Con attendees. Attendees are also expected to be in compliance with The Evergreen State College student code of conduct and Washington state law.

For cosplay rules of conduct and prop guidelines, please see this site.

While at Chibi Chibi Con:
  • Attendees under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Attendees younger than 16 have to have an adult responsible for them on campus, but they do NOT have to be together all the time.

  • Please be respectful of other attendees, vendors, volunteers, and campus staff. Remember cosplay is not consent! Do not photograph individuals or touch people or their props without consent.
  • Pick up after yourself; don’t leave trash for volunteers to pick up while we wrap up at 1 AM.
  • Follow the directions of volunteers and campus staff.
The following activities are prohibited:
  • Engaging in disruptive and unsafe behavior that disturbs the public or convention.
  • Physical or verbal harassment of, or discriminatory behavior towards, attendees, merchants, staff, or campus personnel.
  • Any act which could result in substantial risk or harm to people or property.
  • “Glomp circles” and other roughhousing activities.
  • Sexual misconduct, assault, or harassment.
  • Possession of weapons or objects banned by our prop guidelines.
  • Smoking in undesignated areas.
  • Use of marijuana anywhere on campus.
  • Sleeping in the convention area.
  • Striking others, even when miming fight scenes.
  • Engaging in any activity prohibited by law.

Chibi Chibi Con reserves the right to require anyone violating these code of conduct to leave the event. Illegal activities will result in notification of campus and local authorities.

Chibi Chibi Con, the Giant Robot Appreciation Society, Aramark, The Evergreen State College and its affiliates are not responsible for any loss, damage, theft, or injury. Members are responsible for their individual actions and any repercussions that may result. Civil or medical emergencies are to be handled directly by the proper authorities.

Campus & Convention Policies

Alcohol. There is to be no consumption of alcohol anywhere on campus. Individuals who appear to be intoxicated will be asked to leave campus. Violation of state law in regard to alcohol will be reported to campus and local authorities.

Animals. ADA working animals are allowed in the convention space. Non-ADA animals are not permitted.

Harassment and Assault. Chibi Chibi Con has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment and assault of any kind. Harassment is any behavior that intentionally annoys, threatens, or alarms another person. This includes any unwanted physical contact, following someone without a legitimate reason, or threatening to physically harm someone.

Treat everyone respectfully without regard to their race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or physical and mental ability. Do not make unwanted sexual comments or advances towards anyone at CCC, including attendees, merchants, or CCC volunteers. If someone asks to be left alone, honor their request. If someone is harassing you repeatedly after being asked to stop, inform a staff member.

Should you experience treatment you feel is discriminatory behavior or harassment, please come to the info booth and request a coordinator or call (214)683-8062 for immediate help. You can also send an email to during or after the fact (though our email response may be delayed). We reserve the right to ban from CCC individuals who participate in discriminatory behavior or harassment.

If an assault occurs, call 911 immediately, and then please report the matter to our staff. A person who assaults or harasses another person is guilty of a crime under Washington State law and will be handled by campus and local authorities.

Illegal Substances. Any illegal substance abuse or paraphernalia will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Marijuana may be legal in Washington, but it is not legal federally, and Evergreen is a federally funded campus; do not bring marijuana to CCC.

Photography. Photography and video of large events and crowds are allowed. Do not let this disrupt events or floor traffic. Cosplay is not consent! Please be considerate and ask first before taking pictures of any individuals. Do not photograph artists’ tables without explicit permission. Do not attempt to photograph “upskirts” in any fashion. Violators will be ejected from the premises and possibly banned.

Physical Behavior. Sleeping in convention areas is prohibited. Please do not engage in excessive PDA, CCC is considered a family event and we ask that you behave accordingly.

No Live Action Role Playing (LARPing) is allowed. Activities such as ‘glomp circles’ that involve horseplay and rough contact with fellow attendees are prohibited whether consent is given or not. If we have to break up one of these, the participants will be asked to leave the convention. Do not strike any other person with any part of your body, cosplay props or weapons or projectiles coming from any of the aforementioned.

Due to our growing number of attendees and being an open college, please move with care. Do not obstruct the flow of traffic, be conscientious with props, and do not run indoors.

R-18 goods. Merchants in the AA/VH may sell R-18 goods. However, they must have a sign or sticky note attached to these items stating their nature and they must check the ID of EVERY SINGLE PERSON who attempts to browse or purchase them. Attempts by minors to browse or purchase R-18 goods will be treated as a violation of CCC Code of Conduct. Merchants may not display R-18 goods with explicit covers, boxes, or displays, even if these are censored with sticky notes or other barriers. PLEASE REPORT MERCHANTS OR ATTENDEES BREAKING THIS RULE TO THE INFO BOOTH OR TO IMMEDIATELY.

Scented products. Evergreen is a fragrance-free campus in order to accommodate those sensitive to certain chemicals and ingredients used in strong perfumes, colognes, etc. Please do not wear scents to the event.

Signs. Please refrain from wearing signs (“Free Hugs” etc.) that offer or solicit services.

Smoking. Smoking on campus is only permitted in the designated gazebo areas. Washington State law prohibits smoking indoors and within twenty-five feet of doorways and building ventilation access. Usage of marijuana on campus is prohibited. Violators will be reported to campus and local authorities.

You can find permitted smoking areas on this map as well as maps across campus. You can also find the Smoking Information Center site on the Evergreen page.

Theft. Any attendee caught in the act of shoplifting or stealing will be handed over to the authorities, be ejected from the premises, and refused service into all future Chibi Chibi Con events.