Artist Alley and Vendor’s Hall Policy

The Giant Robot Appreciation Society (“GRAS”) provides space, the Artist Alley and Vendor Hall, or “AA/VH”, for selling goods and services and for advertising during Chibi Chibi Con. Private vendors, individual artists, other conventions, related businesses, student groups, and student businesses (“merchants”) may reserve a table in Evergreen State College’s CRC Gym during the convention for these purposes.

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR 2018, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR APPLICATIONS! We are so excited for or AA/VH this year. Please see our Artists and Vendors site to see our map for the year.

AA/VH general rules and regulations:

Artists and vendors. We define “vendors” as merchants conducting mostly resale, in that they have personally made or designed 20% or less of their stock. Examples: local comic or anime stores tabling at CCC, artists’ guilds selling mostly the work of artists not present, or publishers. We define “artists” as merchants who have personally made or designed 80% or more of their stock. Please apply for the appropriate category according to these definitions–our review processes for artists and vendors are designed around these definitions, and if miscategorized you may receive poor panel review results.

Registration and acceptance. (Closed for 2018) SUBMITTING A REGISTRATION FORM IS NOT THE SAME AS BEING ACCEPTED TO TABLE. You will receive a confirmation email upon submitting a registration form, but it is not the same as being accepted to table. Artists that have been accepted to table at CCC 2018 and have a reservation will receive a secondary email confirming their acceptance.
Once accepted, your table, seating, and area in the AA/VH are reserved for the full duration of the event. This reservation is non-transferrable! If you have reserved a space and cannot come, please contact us at so that we can provide the space to a waitlisted party.

Reservation fee. Before setting up day-of, you must pay your table registration fee. The table reservation fee may be paid online in advance (earning a $5 discount) or on-site on the day of the event, February 10th, 2018. This fee is non-refundable. We accept table fees on-site in CASH ONLY.  We no longer accept checks due to fraud. YOU MAY NOT SET UP OR BEGIN SELLING WITHOUT PAYING YOUR REGISTRATION FEE.

Setup and takedown. AA/VH setup begins at 10 AM day-of. You must arrive between 10:00 AM-11:30 AM on the 10th of February to unload and set up your booth. If you have not arrived by 12 PM your reservation will be made available to other artists. Loading and unloading of merchant goods must be done from the back bay behind the CRC, in front of the CRC, or from Parking Lot C. Loading and unloading of goods and materials that cannot be carried in through the front doors of the CRC must be unloaded at the back bay. Vehicles must be moved to one of the campus parking B or C lots when loading/unloading is complete. DRIVING ONTO OTHER AREAS OF CAMPUS WITHOUT PERMISSION IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

MERCHANTS evergreen area map CHIBI CHIBI CON 2018 2_3_18

Full size here. Updated with new restaurant hours. Map last updated 2/3/18.

The AA/VH closes at 10 PM. Please make no sales after 10 and begin breaking down your setup. You will need to unload your remaining supplies through the front.

Prohibited goods and services. The following types of vending and practices are prohibited: health screenings, psychic readings, tarot card reading, counseling services, sales of edible goods, weapon sales (including but not limited to knives, swords, and “cute”- or “kitty”-style self defense keychains), the burning of candles or incense, and the sale of items prohibited on school campuses by the Revised Code of Washington Threatening items, like prop weapons, must have an orange ring if they resemble guns and must pass through peacebonding at the info booth upon your arrival, BEFORE being sold. Items that shoot actual projectiles are not permitted.

“Damaging items,” including, but not limited to; hot glue guns, heat guns, knives, dremels, or anything that could possibly damage the tables or other property at the event are prohibited. Remember that you should have all your crafts done by the event, do not make them here.  If you have an item that could be considered damaging, please email us at



    1. Please be kind to each other and to CCC volunteers. Conventions can be stressful, especially when you’re pulling long hours, so some conflict is understandable, but remember–we’re all here for a love of art and this community, so let’s do what we can to make this a pleasant experience for all involved! Should serious conflict occur, please come to the info booth and request a coordinator to mediate.
    2. Discriminatory behavior and harassment is prohibited. Treat everyone respectfully without regard to their race, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, or physical and mental ability. Do not make unwanted sexual comments or advances towards anyone at CCC, including attendees, merchants, or CCC volunteers. Should you experience treatment you feel is discriminatory behavior or harassment, please come to the info booth and request a coordinator or call (214)683-8062 for immediate help. You can also send an email to during or after the fact (though our email response may be delayed). We reserve the right to ban from CCC individuals who participate in discriminatory behavior or harassment.
    3. Card EVERYONE attempting to buy or browse R-18 goods, and don’t display anything with explicit covers. R-18 goods are allowed in our AA/VH, but you must have a sign or sticky note attached to them stating their nature and check the ID of EVERY SINGLE PERSON who attempts to purchase them. Attempts by minors to browse R-18 goods should be terminated and attempts by minors to purchase R-18 goods should be immediately be reported to the info booth. Do not display R-18 goods with explicit covers, boxes, or displays even if you censor them with sticky notes or other barriers. PLEASE REPORT MERCHANTS BREAKING THIS RULE TO THE INFO BOOTH OR TO IMMEDIATELY.
    4. Take note of our prohibited goods and services outlined above. Please read the whole section. Some prohibited items: weapons (including knives, swords, and “cute”- or “kitty”-style self defense keychains) and “damaging items” (including hot glue guns, heat guns, knives, or dremels). The sale of edible goods and psychic or tarot card readings are also disallowed.
    5. Power and extension cords. If you require power, we will do our best to assign you a space near power outlets. It is your responsibility to alert us upon your acceptance to the AA/VH if you require power. You must bring your own extension cords and tape, keep them safely out of throughways, and tape them down to make sure no one will be tripped by them. If you’re worried about your phone having battery to process card transactions, we recommend purchasing a mobile rechargeable battery bank.
    6. Plagiarized art is NOT allowed in the AA. If art or merch is determined to have been plagiarized, traced, or copied from other art, official art, or merchandise, the artist selling it will be expelled from the AA. You may not sell another’s work translated into a new medium (e.g. perler bead art of official game sprites, spray paint art made with stencils cut from screenshots, or paintings of pictures). You may not sell art that is directly referenced or redrawn from the art of another or an “official” source. If an artist is found to be in violation of this rule, they may be ejected or banned at our discretion. Report plagiarized art here.
    7. Bootleg or pirated merchandise is not allowed in the VH. If a vendor is found to be selling physical merchandise impersonating a brand or replicating a copyrighted design (like unauthorized plushies, figures, or apparel) or unauthorized copies of digital content (like CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, or video games) they may be ejected or banned at our discretion. Report bootleg or pirated merchandise here.
    8. Evergreen maintains a “fragrance-free” campus to protect those with allergies to perfumes. As such, we ask that you refrain from wearing or spraying/diffusing scented products when attending CCC.
    9. Smoking is allowed in designated locations only. Do not smoke in convention bathrooms, within the convention center, or directly outside of the building doors. For designated smoking areas, please visit
    10. The Evergreen State College, Student Activities, and their constituents are not liable for any damage or loss of merchandise or other items brought on campus.


Artist Alley panel review criteria

Space is no longer provided on a first come, first serve basis. This year both the AA and VH tables will be distributed partially or in whole through panel review.

For the panel review artists will be asked to submit:

  • A link to an online portfolio, like a tumblr tag, imgur, or website (this should contain several examples of recent work that the artist is proud of)
  • A picture of a past con table setup if applicable (for first-timers, a mockup would be great but is not required)
  • A blurb about the artist and their art/wares
  • A list of categories their wares belong to (prints, charms, plushies, jewelry, etc.)

A panel of four or more volunteers (composed of experienced local artists NOT tabling at CCC and GRAS members) is chosen by GRAS. Each application is reviewed by three panelists based on the following points.

ORIGINAL CONTENT: If the artist is deemed to be selling work that is plagiarized, heavily referenced, or copied from official art or merchandise, they will not be permitted a space. An example: art that is traced. NOT an example: fanart, or an artist using reference photographs to create an original composition. This is pass/fail.

VARIETY: Artists will categorize themselves based on what kind of merchandise they offer. Offering unique merchandise will land you in a less populated category, increasing your chances of receiving a table. Artists will be represented in as many categories as fit them.

EXPERIENCE: Artists will submit a link to an online portfolio of their work (tumblr, twitter media section, website, imgur, etc.) and a picture of a previous table setup if applicable. They will receive a 3-9 grade from three panelists, with 9 indicating advanced understanding of composition, color, and anatomy, and 3 indicating early understanding. For each aspect (composition, color, and anatomy), the panelist will give the artist a 1 (early understanding), 2 (intermediate understanding), or a 3 (advanced understanding).

FINAL SORTING: Artists who “pass” original content will be placed in the variety categories that represent their work. Position in category depends on their total “experience” review (adding up all three reviews into a total number), with highest reviews placed at the top. Coordinators will designate fixed amounts of tables for each category, then assign tables through the categories, top down. Artists represented in multiple categories still receive only one table at CCC if selected.

The results of this review will NOT be made public. Artists and studios will simply be notified whether or not they have received a table. If desired, they may request the results of their review by email.

Panelists will be removed from GRAS and barred from CCC volunteering should they share the review results outside of GRAS or make inappropriate or rude remarks towards artists. The last thing we want is for anyone to feel ashamed or belittled because of this process.

Plagiarized art is NOT allowed in the AA, even if no red flags are raised in the panel review. If art or merch is determined to have been plagiarized, traced, or copied from other art, official art, or merchandise, the artist selling it will be expelled from our AA. They will not be invited back.


Vendor Hall panel review criteria

Space is no longer provided on a first come, first serve basis. This year both the AA and VH tables will be distributed partially or in whole through panel review.

Vendors will be asked to submit:

  • A picture of a past con table setup or a mockup
  • Several pictures of their stock
  • A description of their business and wares
  • A list of previous cons they vended at, if applicable

Applications will be approved or declined based on whether two out of three panelists judge vendors to be a good fit for CCC in terms of target audience, previous experience or demonstrated preparedness, and merchandise quality. After being reviewed, accepted applications will receive tables in a first-come, first served fashion. A limited amount of tables (6) is set aside for vendors.